Health and Wellness

Starting in March we’ll have an Acupuncturist in the studio a few times a week.

Herbs & Acupuncture Clinic

PAIN MANAGEMENT ● Acute & chronic pain ● Sports injuries ● Headaches

 STRESS RELIEF ● Over thinking ● Insomnia ● Fatigue ● Performance

WOMEN’S HEALTH ● Endocrine imbalances ● OB-GYN health ● Fertility issues

 Exclusive offer! Receive $20 off your first acupuncture appointment at Omni Ballroom (reg. price: $90).

May include:

★ Acupuncture ★

★ Cupping and gua sha ★

★ Electrical stimulation ★

★ Tui na (Chinese medicinal massage) ★


Caitlin R. Dilli at (303) 349-4575 or chat and schedule an appointment

Caitlin R. Dilli, DACM, LAc is a doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, a licensed acupuncturist, and clinical herbalist. She is a skilled practitioner of Chinese medicine, with over nine years of clinical experience, and is thrilled to bring her expertise to you. She specializes in integrative pain management, and is particularly adept at supporting patients with challenging pain issues.