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Workhouse Social Dance - Workhouse Arts Center


October 31st



Let’s get dressed up and dance! Join us for our Halloween dance. We’ll play a variety of of Ballroom, Latin, Swing and Country music. We’re happy to be finally offering a social dance for students to practice what they been learning. As part of keeping this safe we’re asking for all dancers to wear masks while dancing. The tables will be spaced out so you can remove masks when sitting at your table (like restaurants). Also we’re limiting the amount of dancers so if you’re interested please email us info@omniballroom.org or call us 720-325-6305

Formations for Holiday Showcase Starting Soon

West Coast Swing Formation

This class will be Friday nights at 6 pm and it will include fun choreography that will teach you new flashy patterns. There will be 8 classes to prepare the group for the Holiday Showcase Dec. 5th. We’re suggesting that you’d be at the intermediate level or higher.

Cost $15 a class or $100 for 8 class session

Ballroom Formation

If you’re excited to perform in a group but don’t have a partner. This is the formation for you! The routine will be on Foxtrot and will also work on your style and technique for this sophisticated dance. All levels are welcome in this class. We will also be offering 8 classes to prepare you for Holiday Showcase.

Cost $15 a class or $100 for 8 class session

Adult Contemporary

This class will be held on Wednesday nights at 7 pm and start Nov. 4.

This class combines Ballet and Jazz technique through expressive movement that can be applied to choreographed and improvisational dance.

Cost $15 a class or $65 for the 5 class session

Fall Kids Dance Session

Ballet/Tap ages 4-5 Ballet/Lyrical ages 6-8

Explores creative movement in both genres and enhances rhythm and dance terminology at an introductory level. First week in Nov-December 5th

Cost $15 a class or $65 for the 5 class session

Making Light Holiday Showcase Set for December 9 | Making Light Productions

December 5th 7 pm

If you’d like to get more information on performing call us or email us 720-325-6305